This is how Bali MoneySaver discounts card works

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You can buy your card here and we will deliver it to your hotel before you arrive in Bali. When you check into your hotel the card will be at the front desk. If you live in Indonesia and would like to have your card mailed to you, we can mail your card at no additional cost.

You can also purchase the cards once you’re in Bali at these Authorized Resellers.

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If you own an Apple or Android smart device, please download our free Mobile App to see all of our participating merchants. You can search merchants by Category, Location, and Offers. You will also be able to see photos, and detailed information about each merchant and the offer they are giving to Bali MoneySaver card holders.

Start Saving Money

Start using your Bali MoneySaver card by presenting it at any of our participating merchants and receive your discounts and free offers. The more you use the card, the more money you will save.

A typical family of four people, can easily save anywhere from $200 - $300 during a one week vacation in Bali.

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Thousands saving in your hand.

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