What is “Bali MoneySaver”?

The Bali MoneySaver card is a discounts card to enjoy Bali. The card holder will receive exclusive discounts and offers from top Attractions and selected Restaurants, Shops, Spas and tourist services.

How can I purchase the Bali MoneySaver card?

You can purchase the card from our website, and your card will be delivered to your hotel before your arrival date. If you live in Indonesia, we can also mail the card to you but please allow for 10 working days for delivery time.

You can also purchase the card in Bali at our Authorized Resellers. Click here to see the list of our Authorized Resellers and where they are located.

How many people is the Card valid for?

The card is valid for 1 person

What types of discounts will I receive?

We have selected only the top attractions, restaurants, shops and spas in Bali. You will receive offers up to 70%.

How can I find participating merchants and the discounts they provide?

You can click here to see all of our Participating Merchants
When purchasing the card, a booklet with a listing of all Participating Merchants is also included.

Or you can download our Mobile App for Android or Apple. This is the easiest way to find all the information you will need.

What happens if I lose my Card?

If you purchased your card online at our Bali MoneySaver website, we will have a record of your purchase and if your card is lost we can process a one-time replacement of your card at half the normal price.

Cards not purchased through our website are unable to be replaced.

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