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Operated in Ceningan Island - Bali, is a tiny island part of a trio of islands that includes Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, located 15 kilometers from Bali’s southern shore. The departure point is about 40 minutes by boat from Serangan Port.

Departs from Serangan 08.45am returns 13.30pm Journey beyond the sea with Bali underwater scooter, a unique and exciting way to explore the marine life of Bali and its neighboring islands Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. The underwater Scooter has a basic operating depth of up to 20 m and allow riders to glide around coral reefs and alongside colourful fish with ease in a self-contained breathing environments, accompanied by an experienced guide. Bali underwater scooter also offers a range of marine sport adventures including Snorkeling, Semi-diving, Banana boat rides, Canoeing, as well as fun activities such as volley ball and table tennis.

What You Can Expect
• Upon arrival to the dive site, you will be briefed by our qualified PADI divers and then begin your incredible underwater adventure. During the briefing, you'll learn
   basic piloting skills, simple operating and communication with hand signals so you could communicate with the divers while you are underwater. Your guide’s
   primary goal is to ensure you feel safe, relaxed and secure at all times.
• After sitting in the scooter it was gently lowered into the water. The diver’s team goes above and beyond the water to ensure safety.
• Each underwater scooter has an oxygen tank attached. While we are underwater the standard scuba tank delivers fresh air continuously into the clear
   acrylic bubble for over one hour.
• Through out your underwater adventure, a team of professional PADI divers will supervise and escort you around the spectacular coral reef, feeding the fish along
   the way and stopping to point out the marine life.
• You are underwater about 20 minutes and underwater scooters generally do not go deeper than 3 meters, which is just deep enough to make you feel like you
   are diving, and to show you some magnificent coral and exotic tropical fish.
• The scooters are connected to a floating security buoy line for balancing and safety, and your experienced guides are with you during the entire tour to make sure
   you are comfortable, confident, safe and secure at all times.
• It's a spectacular underwater journey through the crystal clear waters and colorful marine life including a variety of colorful tropical fish and coral reefs of Ceningan
   Island, Bali on an underwater scooter.
• While you are waiting for a turn to ride the underwater scooter, you will be prepared snorkel equipment for snorkeling or other activity.
• No swimming or diving experience necessary.
• Environmentally friendly.
• It’s very easy, safe and exciting adventure.


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Phone +62 361 849 6222

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