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SANg Spa was founded in November 2007 and began operations effectively in January 2008. This is preceded by a simple dream / goal, which is to provide a traditional and simple designed Spa service to all the Guests with very reasonable & achievable prices. As Time goes by, there so many Guests who decided to come back again to have services at SANg Spa also some of them make recommendations to their friends (Words of Mouth) and that is the way it goes until Today.

SANg Spa is famous for its combination of a full body treatments packages, such as Holistic SANg Spa Package & Eat Pray Love Spa Package. Based on a survey conducted by the founder of SANg Spa, the facts that make the guests return again and even recommend to their friends are due to several things, namely, the hospitality of the entire team (Smile and Friendly), openly (Welcome), ready to assist and provide services in total (Full Attention), also improves the quality of service by listening to the input or feed back given by the guests (open minded and quality control). Technically Hygiene and sanitation is very important as well.

Today, SANg Spa already has 3 Outlets with 12 staff officer, almost 50 spa therapists and will continue to grow in stages according to demand of the guests and some of the Villa / Hotel which has established cooperation with SANg Spa.

The treatments and services that are owned by SANg Spa are standardized by The Standard Quality Control and continuing review of all services and treatment of the therapist in order to keep the standardization and professionalism.


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Address Jalan Jembawan, Gianyar, Bali 80571
Phone (0361) 9277222

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